General Fund

The General Fund is the lifeblood of the Congregation’s cash flow. The General Fund is tapped into throughout each month for expenses such as the Newsletter, postage, telephone, administrative costs, office supplies, and insurance. The General Fund also covers the expenses for our various Holiday events and celebrations, and assists the Children and Adult Education Committees, along with the other funds, should they suffer any shortfalls. The General Fund is the repository for all fees paid for membership, events, and newsletter subscriptions. Having your business take out a Newsletter Ad is also a way of donating to the General Fund.

If you prefer to send your donations by mail, please make your check out to “Gan HaLev”, and send it to:

Gan HaLev
P.O. Box 280
Woodacre, CA 94973-0280

Thank you all for your generosity,

David Knepler, Treasurer

from our December 1996 Newsletter