Penina Maier

Penina Maier (of blessed memory) was one of the early members of our Congregation. She was on the Board of Directors and was a driving force behind the development of our Congregation and particularly our children’s education program. Penina loved children and she loved Jewish life and learning. In her life she demonstrated her love and caring in many ways, and took great joy in seeing the youngsters of our Congregation embark on a path of Jewish education. She herself was an avid student and was engaged in a formal program of Jewish learning up until the time of her death in January 1997.

Penina’s life was an inspiration and a blessing. Our goal for the school named in her honor is that it reflect the love, gentleness of spirit, joy, humor, loving-kindness, creativity, support, strength, and love of learning that characterized Penina’s life. We want our children to gain a strong sense of Jewish identity and a love and appreciation of Jewish life and culture.