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and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Congregation.
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A Matter of Opinions Andreas Wittenstein
Another Holocaust Davo Knepler
Are We Being Spiritual Yet? Suzanne Sadowsky
Becoming a Jewish Teacher Rabbi Shula Stevens
Celebrating Purim in West Marin Susan Hilsenrad Tacherra
Challah Patti Breitman
Circular Nature Veronica Kleinberg
Charity Suzanne Sadowsky
Collective Reparations Andreas Wittenstein
The Concept of Evil Andreas Wittenstein
Double Standards Andreas Wittenstein
Days of Awe Patti Breitman
Days of Awe Suzanne Sadowsky
Finding a Spiritual Home at Gan HaLev Suz Lipman
For Goodness’ Sake Suzanne Sadowsky
God Is One Steve Friedland
Good and Evil: Responsa Gershon Mitchel
Hannukah and Potato Latkes Patti Breitman
Laughter and Tears Raphael Burdman
The Magic of the Months Devorah Walder
Man As Idol Andreas Wittenstein
Martial Plan or Marshall Plan? Andreas Wittenstein
On Tshuvah Renée Ponder
Pacifism Without Passivism Andreas Wittenstein
A Passover Drash Renée Ponder
The Past to the Present Julie Egger
Politics and Religion Suzanne Sadowsky
The Price of Peace Andreas Wittenstein
Response to a Palestinian Sympathizer Janet Hughes
Response to an Anti-Zionist Andreas Wittenstein
Shavu‘ot Patti Breitman
Simanim: Significant Omens Devorah Walder
Spirituality and Religion Barbara Sachs
Still confused after all these years… Patti Breitman
This Is Not a Political Piece Julie Egger
Tisha B’Av Patti Breitman
Tu B’Shevat Patti Breitman
Unaffordable Housing Andreas Wittenstein
Volunteerism Michael Pelz-Sherman
What Kind of Jew Am I Suzanne Sadowsky
Why all the noise during Purim? Patti Breitman
Wide-Eyed Faith Andreas Wittenstein